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If you don’t have female parts, you might want to stop reading. Not because there is some interesting tidbit about you, just because you may find out some things you might rather never learn about.

Ok, that over I’ll get right to it. I had recurring yeast infections since my second pregnancy. And I have tried every natural remedy, so here are the best (ok, cleaning up your diet is huge)– in the meantime so you can go out in public without scratching:
Garlic, apple cider vinegar, yogurt and when all else fails a suppository of boric acid (Warning: Never Ingest Boric Acid- for suppository use only!).

If you are at the point of considering antibiotics, please reconsider and instead try some of the remedies below and begin including raw sauerkraut, pickles, or a tablespoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar at each meal. Better yet get or make yourself some kombucha (I like GT Dave’s because there’s virtually no sugar, even though it’s expensive or ask a health nut friend). I find that if I begin to get any early warning signs now I can drink a bottle of kombucha and knock it right back into balance.

All of this is, however, assuming you’re not also downing a pint of Haagen- Dazs nightly (which I love to do and am much more conscientious about since realizing the horrific aftereffects- and I don’t even mean cellulite ;) . Basically if you have a tendency to be yeasty you could well have a dairy or wheat sensitivity, or vice versa, you could be sensitive due to the yeast imbalance- I can actually handle some ice cream when my flora’s not all whacked out. So at least for rebalancing you’ll need to cut out (ok, realistically cut down, as the misery and stress of cutting out all sugars and flours is probably worse for you than a little sugar) sugars and refined flours and maybe even dairy. Take a probiotic supplement if the kombucha/ sauerkraut isn’t happening- you can actually take significantly more than the recommended dosage, which it generally for maintenance, not therapy.  A little raw honey in your tea is fine, and goat’s milk cheese is less “dampening” than cow milk (but tastes pretty gamey, so no go on the goat milk in my coffee).

This one you can eat liberally or take capsules of, and use as a vaginal suppository, changing every few hours or at least twice a day. You may want to put a piece of thread through it to make removal um, easier. Some people say that nicking the clove can cause a burning sensation if you are already irritated, but I’ve found that nicking it releases the effective oils, thus relieving symptoms quickly. Be forewarned, though- you will realize the interconnectedness of things as you may be able to taste the garlic even when using as a suppository.

Apple cider vinegar-
I’m sure this is what our grandmas knew. The acidity of the vinegar kills the yeast while good raw vinegar has beneficial bacteria to begin repopluating. Try mixing it 1/8 with water as a rinse, maybe even scooping out the excess yeast. If you believe in douching you can use it that way too.

Plain Please! I cannot vouch for the results of flavors, but assume the sugars (which feed yeast) would cause big trouble. Apply it topically (you can put a little internally too if you want) for instant soothing relief- you can even add some powdered acidophilus (or break open a capsule) to boost the effectiveness. Along the same lines, once you have killed the yeast with any of the other remedies you can use an acidophilus capsule suppository to give the beneficial repopulation a “leg up,” so to speak.

Boric Acid capsules-
This one is a little more work, but when your yeast is as stubborn as mine was during pregnancy (and as insistent as I was not to use lord-knows-what’s in that drug) it is miraculous. There are more complicated versions, but a very basic one is to get some empty “00″ size capsules and a bottle of boric acid from your pharmacy and fill them up (please don’t do this around small children and clean up after yourself). Then insert one vaginally nightly for 5 nights. Wear at least a pantyliner as it seems to liquefy the yeast or something.  This supposedly works for gardinerella (the fishy smelling protozoa) too.

Last, but certainly not least- now that I have it in a better balance I’ve become aware that when I feel frustrated with my husband I begin to literally itch within 24 hours if I don’t deal with it. Sometimes meditation helps, and sometimes I have to ask for what I need.

I know I’m not the only one who “tried everything,” so I figure I’d share my stubbornly natural information with you. Surprisingly, I have at least this much information on a variety of other topics too… to be shared at a later date, or upon request.
Peace Y’all

Winter Cheat Sheet

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Please note, this is what I do or would do for my own family- not intended to treat or diagnose anyone else…

Also, that I would rather you have this information available than wait until I have more time to format it, so here’s some basics I love and have found myself telling the moms I know when their peanuts are ill, that are available at most health food stores and don’t require specialized knowledge.

if nursing, breast milk is good for everything- you can put it in eyes, ears and noses…

general winter recommendations:
-regular fish oil supplements
-extra vit c
-astragalus 1-3x a week (none if sick already)
-homeopathic anaes barbarae 1x a week during flu outbreaks
-elderberry juice
-eat all foods and drink at room temperature or warmer

for colds;
colds that come on suddenly after catching a chill:
homeopathic Aconitum Napellus,
warm baths and clothing, sweating

fevers in children, except for poisoning are generally self- limited, and often go above 103. Accompanying seizures are from the fever coming down quickly and are not harmful of themselves. I generally do not give anything for fever, unless the child is miserable- usually that fever is quite high and i give homeopathic belladonna. more often i treat the accompanying symptoms of congestion.

Any mucus/ infection (including ear):
-remove all milk products from diet. minimize fried foods. dilute fruit juices and reduce overall sugar intake including refined flours.
-eat/drink nothing cold- warm herbal teas: chamomile, licorice, holy basil
-with sticky/gluey mucus or lasting a long time: homeopathic Kali Bichromium, every 15 minutes until relief begins, then as needed.
-steam in bathroom: turn on hot water, shut the door, stand kid on counter if necessary to get steam inhaled. make sure child does not touch scalding water.
-vitamin C, adjust for weight- one dose every few hours until stools become loose

- we use Buried Treasure ACF a lot, as it has a nice combo of herbs- it does have colloidal silver, which is getting mixed publicity, but from my understanding is relatively harmless (I also use the cream as an antibiotic for wounds).

-rubbing the upper back, especially halfway between the shoulder blades and the spine, and on the inside of the foot, just past where a bunion might be if you had one…

Ear aches/ infections:
mullein/garlic oil drops in the ear

Please feel free to leave comment if you’d like to see other topics.

Snuggles and backrubs are also very good medicine.