Your Mood is Your Medicine

Well Child practices- safe to use on grownups too.

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A few simple practices, when actually practiced, can make the difference between ritalin, claritin and, well, you.  If you think I’m lying just try it (for at least a couple of weeks- this isn’t a pop-a-pill 1 minute solution, this is a savor your lifesaver practice) and see… About 30% of conditions (generally I treat people, as there aren’t points on conditions, but for the sake of fluidity…) I treat with acupuncture could be alleviated with just these two things.

Breathe. Slowly. Deeply- really deeply- imagine into your toes, allowing your lower belly to raise while counting to four slowly. For children this can be very tricky. It is helpful to put your hand low on their belly, or challenge them to slowly raise a balancing ruler across their hips using only their breath. Let the exhale be longer than the inhale- count for them to eight.

Sleep.  It might seem impossible, but children often need 10- 12 hours of sleep (you’ve seen how busy they are all day, right?).  Don’t be fooled- I’ve heard so many parents say “Oh, he won’t go to bed until 10 o’clock.”  This may sound harsh, but not only is that child not getting enough sleep, he’s also doing your job.  There are lots of good books out there about getting children to go to sleep.  The most important rule is consistency.  Children thrive with routine, not the least of which is bedtime.  The other nice thing about bedtime is the more consistent it is, the easier it gets.  My children are in bed at 7:30, even my 8 year old.  That means he is totally refreshed by 7 am and helps out with the little ones when I’ve stayed up until midnight.