Your Mood is Your Medicine

Six million ways to live- choose one.

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When you rolled out of bed this morning, did you put a smile on after you brushed your teeth?

Just like we all know eating vegetables helps us feel good and digest better, yet many of us don’t do quite enough of it, we all know being happy makes us feel better, yet somehow we don’t just choose it.  I could explain the numerous reasons we all invent for “how come we don’t.”  Instead I’ll go right to the “how can I?”

When you wake up, get in the habit of choosing a mood for the day.  Why wait for someone to ruin it, then someone else to cheer you up?  You start the smile contagion!  Or if smiling is too much, try on “peaceful.”

Now when I say “mood” what I really mean is the space that you hold in the back of your mind, your “guardian angel” if you will, who sits on your shoulder and says “I know that driver just cut you off, and for the sake of your heartrate could you be peaceful with that?”

In normal circumstances this will be helpful.  In “stressful” circumstances this will be a lifesaver- literally, if you can craft a mood and stay solidly with “happy” after a fender-bender (you’ve seen these people- “No one was hurt, I have car insurance and I got to spend an hour reading my new book while I waited for the tow truck.”)  Do you think this induces high blood pressure? not as much as the middle finger- flicking, tension headache you could choose instead.

This is helpful even if you are currently ill.  In fact, the better you feel about yourself and your situation, the better your outcomes are likely to be.  However the real benefit is that you begin to feel better in the Right Now, as Pooh Bear would say.