Your Mood is Your Medicine


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1.  Choose something you are upset about.  Then have someone ask you- Could you let it go?  of course you could, the next is a little trickier- Would you let it go?  if you cannot agree to this, ask, for the sake of whom would I let it go? If I’m not willing to let it go for good, might I let it go for an hour? ten minutes?  When you get to yes, ask When?  Now- and when you get Could you? Yes, Would you? Yes, When? Now-  feel the release in your shoulders or tummy or wherever you were holding that fight.  and Smile.


2.  Pay attention to how you talk about yourself-

A. When you hear yourself say  “It’s hard, difficult, I’m not good at,…”  Replace those words with “I’m a beginner.”  Check whether you feel easier with it- after all, more ease is less dis-ease.

B.  Take “I have to” out and say “I choose to”- this may be tricky at first- you may think “No, I have to pick my son up from daycare,” when you actually could leave him there- you choose not to.

C.  Quit using the word try- you either are doing something or not.

D.  When you say “I feel”- where do you feel it in your body?


3.  Notice opposition when it arises.  Allow the other’s viewpoint without opposition- watch what happens.


4. Start from what is, not what should be.


5.  Give way to passion.  Notice where you’re holding back- participate wholly!


6.  Listen


7. I invent my words and create my world out of them- what might I invent?


8.  What assumptions am I basing my life on? Scarcity? Sufficiency? Abundance? Education separate from living?  Partnership equivalent to cohabitation?


9.  Hiding in every problem is an opportunity.


10.Difficulties mandatory. The upset is optional.


11. Life is change.  Breakdown bears the seeds.


12.  Let go of judgement.


13. Practice


14.  Allow yourself to be a beginner.  In everything.

15. See people new at each encounter.  Let go of old stories (she’s always late, he’s unreliable- these are judgements and don’t leave room for a new possibility.


16. Make distinctions between hope and expectation.  Hope allows for change, while also allowing for what is.  Expectation breeds disappointment when change does not occur.


17.  Pay attention to the phenomenon. “her cleavage is showing” Then notice what stories you make up- “slut, easy, looking for a man, I wish I had breasts like that…” Do they create unnecessary suffering?


18.  Declare Oneness.  You are not separate from the world around you.


19. Smell someone.  Let go of the commentary.  Smell again.


20. Give someone an”A” today. Especially someone you usually grade at “C.”


21.Silence and rest build power.


22.  Enjoy unknowing.


23.  You know the way home.  Healers only guide you to see it more clearly.


24.  Truly accept acknowledgement.  Do not brush it off.  Your taking it in is a gift.


25.  Give someone in your life an acknowledgement of the goodness they are.  Especially someone you often complain about.


26.  Let go of the complaint or take effective action with compassion (not submission).


27.  Stop living in the past.


28. Balance stillness and movement in life.


29. Dark and light are two sides of the same mountain.


30. The balance in living is learning to bring it back down when it goes too high, and lift it back up when it goes too low.


31.  Choose someone other than yourself who will benefit from your practice.


32. When eating, notice when you have stopped tasting food and started making up stories about it i.e. “I like it, it’s making me fat, it’s good for me, it could use salt, it’s not my mother’s chocolate cake, etc.” Now go back to savoring the phenomenon- taste texture, aroma, color, crunch or squish.



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