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Reduce Plastic and Recycle Easy

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I bought two stainless steel travel jars for my kids to the tune of say $12 apiece. Within 2 days the little rubber piece (in the plastic top) had gone missing, which made it a spilly cup more than a sippy cup.
To reduce my plastic usage we save glass jars-  wash them in the dishwasher and they make space- saving food storage that we put in our lunchbox (and remind children not to throw the lunchbags…).   I save everything from pesto jars for juice glasses and kid cups to pasta sauce jars for big enough water cups that I can take to work for an iced latte or herbal tea.  The jars are actually much sturdier than our store bought glasses were (before we broke them one by one.)

One of my favorites is buying juice in concentrate form- at our local natural market we get elderberry (don’t get me started on the benefits…), cranberry, black cherry, pomegranate, etc. in syrup form.  I don’t even mix up big gallons- I put it in the fridge as is, where it saves fridge real estate and I can vary the intensity for different household palates.  I just splash a bit in when water just won’t do and- presto! colorful juice I can control the sugar content of!  When the concentrate is all gone… the bottles are the perfect size for lunch drinks.  (If you are sending another glass container be sure to wrap your reusable cloth napkin around one or the other to prevent breakage).  

For sandwiches we mostly use wax or butcher paper sealed with a little masking tape- while not necessarily the most ecological it’s still a convenient and less plasticky choice.  You can reuse the waxed paper (depending on the sandwich,) and if your children are like mine, they can color on the butcher paper later.  

The best part is you can write your love note right on their food!

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  1. 1 rianni said at 9:39 pm on October 17th, 2009:

    I have to add that I’ve purchased (who has time to sew?) a couple reusable washable sandwich and snack bags and I love them, so we’ve nixed the wax paper except when I’m behind on the laundry : )

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