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The Uninsured

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I originally wrote this in response to a group of acupuncturists requesting I write a letter to the Obama administration requesting insurance coverage for acupuncturists.  I think “insurance” is a very misleading term, because it’s not at all what our health care dollars actually do.

Tricky ground here, and…

As an acupuncturist I don’t want to be covered by insurance.  I want my clients to have a direct investment in their own well-being. I do have insurance for myself, but it doesn’t cover my acupuncture. nor my doctor for that matter- it really will only cover anything past my ridiculously high deductible. So I pay $90 a month, and for any visit to a professional.  Which helps me to really want to learn how to be well and gives me an incentive to stay well.
There is money already in the system, better spent by companies and government to hire us (well care professionals) to teach humans to be well, to get people into the conversation… but not to “cover us” so they can come to us instead of their other doctor… so they can come to us to remind them- your body, your backache, your headache is very wise…Let your symptoms be guides to well living and not disguised by meds until you end up in the E.R. for not heeding the warning signs.

I am concerned that “acupuncture” may not have any benefits if it is only to replace other modalities without addressing the underlying construct.
“We can no longer abuse our bodies (minds/souls) and then take them in to be fixed”

Has anyone read the first chapter of Outliers?
There is a town where the reduced heart disease is based in the community itself, not the food or wine or genetics- nor doctors.

I never can keep my two cents in my pocket…
love, partnership and reflection,

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