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Today in the carpool line I was blindsided by the principal. “May 12 is dress for success day and your children have told us they don’t have one or the other dress pants or shirts to wear and if you need any assistance with that…”
“May 12?” all I can think is where is my calendar- I’ll never remember this. Preschool yoga planning in my head on temporary hold. “No, I can get them some it’s just…” from the backseat “noooo! I don’t wanna wear it!” “just that, mostly. I can get them some.”

I drive away, green hand sanitizing and handing out snacks and reminders about behavior during the preschool yoga class I’m about to teach. So I forget about it until I’m folding laundry and come across the only pair of dress pants my children own, bought last week for a chorus part in a school play.

What is success?
Isn’t a successful six year old running around getting dirty or at least a little sweaty? In fact, wouldn’t we all be a bit more “successful” if we moved our bodies more and worried less about getting our clothes dirty? I know quite a few of my patients and I would be better off. But back to it. Success? Is it financial? Most really wealthy people I know don’t wear dress clothes because they don’t have to impress anyone.
I do agree that you can dress a part and therefore get more in character, but what character wears a dress shirt and pants? Usually one who has very little autonomy in the world or one going for an interview or… are they at least teaching interview skills to my 6 and 9 year old boys? Turns out I graduated from high school with null financial skills- how ’bout I a book on that instead? I know at least one already knows how to freak out about standardized testing after being drilled on it in…art class? Yep, and in gym too- ok, I know it’s called PE.
So I was not quick enough on my feet to say to this kindly principal that in the end I think a lot of the stuff that I have to do to make my kids fit into this mediocre mold is b.s..

Have I told the one about how they aren’t allowed to bring glass bowls to school because of safety issues? But apparently plastic water bottles should be donated for test taking time because chemicals from plastic are not as bad a safety issue- they only disrupt the whole hormonal and endocrine system, they’d never draw blood.
Maybe I’ll talk about that later- how we (as a society) pick the lowest common denominator and strive towards making it work.

Why shouldn’t children learn to handle glass properly? Not that I was sending anything flimsy that would break by falling, yes, even on tile- believe me we’ve tried it at home. I’m not into putting anyone’s children at risk, I just really think we’ve maintained a system to dumb down the best of us.

I hear a lot about the obesity epidemic, then in schools, mind you some of the best schools in the country- we don’t have a day for gym clothes, we can’t run on the playground, we eat more salt and fat than at fast food chains and offer fast food coupons as rewards for standardized exams (read:sitting on your bum for 4 days).

I teach children’s yoga because at least half of what I see going on in my treatment space could have been avoided altogether or healed by simple breathing, stretching and learning to listen. To our own wise bodies, not to what someone else says is good, right, successful or even healthy. Because taking time to stop and smell the roses is more important to our being well, and thus deep satisfaction with being able to do what we love, love what we do and prosper from that place of knowing ourselves as successful. Our outward appearance radiates that, our way of being in the world a testament to our success. Others knowing themselves as successful in our presence.
That, to me is dressed for success.

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