Your Mood is Your Medicine


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A woman in a consignment store recently asked me what I did. When I told her I was an acupuncturist her eyes lit up and she said “You guys do that for smoking right? Maybe my boyfriend could do that?”

I said a lot of things to her then, and finally “You know what he can do right now?” Make sure he’s enjoying each cigarette.” It might sound kind of radical, and yet if you think about it, mostly we end up trying to quit the idea of something, which we love or at least are enamored with. What we don’t realize when we begin “quitting” before getting “present” is that we don’t really even enjoy whatever it is we’re doing. Most people who still smoke feel so guilty or worried that the cigarette goes totally unnoticed in the midst of the guilt.

The difficulty with this is that you, in feeling guilty, have missed the cigarette itself.  So guess what you need? Another one.

So maybe you don’t smoke, and do you want that cup of coffee, chocolate cake or do you “need it?”  Try really savoring the thing you “shouldn’t be having”  and as soon as you notice you’re not really enjoying it, stop.  Food is a substance as well as cigarettes and alcohol and chocolate… you catch my drift.


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