Your Mood is Your Medicine

What I get from practicing acupuncture is to witness the astonishing and beautiful moments in my patient’s lives as they break through some stuckness.  Here are a few examples:


Hey Jade,
I just wanted to share this with you:  when we came home from Lily’s appt  today I gave her a bottle and in the middle of drinking it, she turned to me, rubbed my face, looked me in the eye and said MaMa in a sweet gentle voice as she was rubbing my face!  I am still crying thinking about it.  Thank you for all you have done for us!

Love Jenna


Hi Jade,
I just had to e-mail to tell you that Claire’s stuttering stopped yesterday, Sunday-  3 days after you treated her, just like you said.  AMAZING!!!  Greg and I are so grateful to you.  It seems to slip in a little bit here and there today but it is so minimal and she didn’t stutter at all yesterday.  Thank You, Sarah

“My daughter, Claire, was diagnosed was Celiac disease when she was 20 months old.  After 6 months of traditional treatment, which is a strict gluten free diet, Claire was showing no improvement in her symptoms.  That is when a trusted friend suggested acupuncture.  Blessedly, that is when we met Jade.  Jade was careful to establish a rapport with Claire before she started treating her with needles.  This was very important for a scared two-year old who had been through extensive medical intervention.  Using acupressure, that I could also do with Claire at home, and minimal needle treatments Claire’s symptoms began to improve.    Rashes began to fade.  Nightly wakings at midnight and 3 am disappeared.  Her big toe nails that were soggy to cut became firm and crisp. Anger shifted to happiness.  The child that I knew, prior to the onset of Celiac symptoms, returned.

I will never forget the first time that Jade treated Claire using the needle.  Claire did cry and I was upset.  That was what I was trying to avoid.  When we walked out of the building I asked my then two-year-old, “Claire did Miss Jade make you feel better?”  She quickly responded, “No.” and my hopes were dashed.  Then she turned my face to hers and said, “She made me feel gooooood.”

Another time, Jade told me that she didn’t think she would use the needle because Claire was having a difficult day and it might be too much for her.  A minute later, my two-year-old, sensing that Jade was not reaching for her needle, walked over to the needle box, picked it up and placed it in Jade’s hand, giving her permission to help her feel better.

Jade is also an excellent resource for nutrition, lifestyle, and complimentary treatment advice.  She responds to e-mails and phone calls, taking time to give to her clients.  She has treated my older daughter and husband and I am looking forward to an appointment soon.  Every family should have a resource as exceptional and kind as Jade to guide them in a path of healthy and happy living.”



Every time after my treatment, when I drive home from the institute, I tell you in my mind about what an amazing experience it has been to be in your care and learning from you.  Today, I was telling you that I liked the comfortable but good-looking clothing you choose to wear and that I learned even from seeing what you wear….Thanks so much for your patience with me!  I cannot tell you enough how excited I am about all the things I am learning from you and Geo and sometimes just by hanging out for a little while at the bookstore after the treatments.  Life is good:)  I am getting and becoming better, and life also feels better.

Looking forward to my next appointment with you,