Your Mood is Your Medicine

Today’s trick:

Put a Post-it on your bathroom mirror with the mood you’ve chosen for your day.  Mine is spacious, as in, I have plenty of space, time, freedom to do what I’m “choosing” to do (see tool below :) .  If you find you’re forgetting to be spacious, put another post-it on your computer or car dashboard.  This is the PRACTICE page, remember, so give yourself permission to be a beginner at staying calm, peaceful, happy- and remember it benefits the whole world when we see your smiling face.


Tool #1

When you hear yourself say “I have to.” Try instead “I choose to.”

You could choose to let social services pick your kids up, so no, you don’t have to, you choose to.

This way you are no longer a victim to your own circumstance.



BREATHE!   I can’t tell you how many grownups I teach to belly breathe every day! and seriously, it is the one thing that helps 50% of my patients feel better if they remember to do it regularly (or more if the other 50% actually did it :)  Even 6-10 breaths can bring your central nervous system to a calmer place, from which it can work more efficiently to heal your current conundrum.

A trick: wear your watch on the other wrist to remind you.  If you don’t wear a watch try a rubber band or some other physical object you can see regularly that will make you go “Huh?”  oh, right, BREATHE!