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Winter Cheat Sheet

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Please note, this is what I do or would do for my own family- not intended to treat or diagnose anyone else…

Also, that I would rather you have this information available than wait until I have more time to format it, so here’s some basics I love and have found myself telling the moms I know when their peanuts are ill, that are available at most health food stores and don’t require specialized knowledge.

if nursing, breast milk is good for everything- you can put it in eyes, ears and noses…

general winter recommendations:
-regular fish oil supplements
-extra vit c
-astragalus 1-3x a week (none if sick already)
-homeopathic anaes barbarae 1x a week during flu outbreaks
-elderberry juice
-eat all foods and drink at room temperature or warmer

for colds;
colds that come on suddenly after catching a chill:
homeopathic Aconitum Napellus,
warm baths and clothing, sweating

fevers in children, except for poisoning are generally self- limited, and often go above 103. Accompanying seizures are from the fever coming down quickly and are not harmful of themselves. I generally do not give anything for fever, unless the child is miserable- usually that fever is quite high and i give homeopathic belladonna. more often i treat the accompanying symptoms of congestion.

Any mucus/ infection (including ear):
-remove all milk products from diet. minimize fried foods. dilute fruit juices and reduce overall sugar intake including refined flours.
-eat/drink nothing cold- warm herbal teas: chamomile, licorice, holy basil
-with sticky/gluey mucus or lasting a long time: homeopathic Kali Bichromium, every 15 minutes until relief begins, then as needed.
-steam in bathroom: turn on hot water, shut the door, stand kid on counter if necessary to get steam inhaled. make sure child does not touch scalding water.
-vitamin C, adjust for weight- one dose every few hours until stools become loose

- we use Buried Treasure ACF a lot, as it has a nice combo of herbs- it does have colloidal silver, which is getting mixed publicity, but from my understanding is relatively harmless (I also use the cream as an antibiotic for wounds).

-rubbing the upper back, especially halfway between the shoulder blades and the spine, and on the inside of the foot, just past where a bunion might be if you had one…

Ear aches/ infections:
mullein/garlic oil drops in the ear

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Snuggles and backrubs are also very good medicine.