Your Mood is Your Medicine

Peace in the Kingdom

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I received a text the other night, and felt quite shaken. How could I feel so upset over a few little words? I couldn’t eat. I wrote four or five responses, explaining in detail that I meant only goodwill.  She was clearly upset. We had been friends for a long time and had a falling out a few months back (actually I had it out with her husband).  She hasn’t spoken to me since, though occasionally our children play together via daddy. I have left many messages letting her know that we were thinking of her and that my son would really like to play with her son.  

I was in a conundrum: do I allow my children to play at a house where the grownups wouldn’t speak to me?

She never answered or returned any calls. I asked daddy to find out if she was ever going to speak to me for the sake of our children. She texted me an answer of kinds. I responded simply that I loved her and wished her fulfillment. She apparently couldn’t believe that was true and texted back to that effect. I replied simply “I am hopeful for peace in the kingdom, and I am aware that it begins with me.”
On the heels of an historic inauguration of a thoughtful leader who reminded me that we are the change.